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man getting a hair fade


A fade is a cut that neatly combines different lengths of hair to create a clean, stylish look. This style works for men’s cuts, women’s haircuts, and kids’ haircuts, with countless options to personalize the style. 


With taper fades, I love to enhance a minor cut that makes a whole transformation to your look. I do all types of fades, including low, mid, and high. I love to stretch the fades, show the transition, and define all levels. In men’s and women’s haircuts, I can give you unique fade designs, including lines and other shapes. I keep up to date with the latest trends in haircuts to give my clients the sleekest looks. These include line-ups, where I sculpt and straighten your hairline for a cool, clean look. I also specialize in other haircut services, including styles like comb-overs, mohawks, frohawks, mullets, and more. 


When you get a fade, you need a loyal barber because you can expect to come back in every two weeks to keep your cut looking as fresh as possible. I’m dedicated to making your hair look its very best and love regularly seeing clients to keep up or refresh their look. 


As a USAF veteran, I’m also proud to offer military haircuts to those in the service, especially at the nearby Lackland Air Force Base here in San Antonio, TX. I enjoy continuing to provide haircuts for my fellow service members. 


Client satisfaction is my top priority, and I strive to always give 100% satisfaction guaranteed high-quality cuts. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me today!

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